Frequently Asked Questions

Start Here: Basics & Essentials

The California Coast 500 is the original and greatest California summer mileage challenge! That's our story and we're sticking to it. Runners, walkers, cyclists and cross trainers (non mileage activity like surfing or yoga or ...) will make their way up Highway 1 from the Santa Monica Pier to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. You'll be able to choose from 100 (1,000mins), 250 (2,500mins), 400 (4,000mins) or 500 mileage (5,000mins) goals, plus enjoy the endless summer feature for those continuing on beyond 500 miles. 

Learn more on our How-To page.

Participants will receive an Instructions email beginning on Thursday, May 26 or shortly after their registration confirmation email thereafter. The submission window begins on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30 at 12:00am PT. 

Two options - you can use either, or mix both:

  1. Manual submission of your results (honor system), no GPS needed, through your Race Roster event dashboard. Learn more in the Manual Entry Submissions section.
  2. Automatic sync through Race Roster x RunKeeper, using GPS device or RunKeeper's GPS enabled activity features. Learn more in the Synced Results section.

No! The 2022 California Coast 500 simply works with the same login you used to register for the event. Through Race Roster's RunKeeper integration you can automatically sync your device to the leaderboard.

With Race Roster you can connect to RunKeeper and sync the following popular devices:

  • Apple Watch
  • Garmin
  • FitBit
  • TomTom MySports
  • & the RunKeeper app itself

You are also able to sync non-mileage activity from RunKeeper such as Yoga, etc.

Strava power user? While there is no direct connection, for those comfortable with tech integrations, you can sync your Strava activities directly to RunKeeper (and thus the CA Coast 500) using Zapier. Please note that this method has not been officially tested and is not supported by the platforms.

Registration & Participant Information

During your registration you can select from one of three categories:

  • Run/Walk – take a running or walking journey up Highway 1  and hit your goals this summer with Run Local!
  • Bike – NEW this year is the ability to cycle up the coast! Cyclists and wheelchairs are welcome with both syncing with Race Roster & RunKeeper.
  • Cross Training: In 2022 you'll simply be able to log your minutes; no conversion to miles necessary. You'll get exclusive badges for hitting minute based milestones. 

When you register for the California Coast 500, you'll simply choose what type of activity you are focused on this summer. During registration you'll also tell us what your goal is, so we know when to give you an awesome virtual high-five.


Did you hit the goal in stride and want to keep going?! Let's do it. With our Endless Summer feature you'll be able to do just that.

It's the ultimate summer challenge, that's all. OK, you want more details? Here's the deal...


Complete 500 running/walking miles, 500 cycling miles and 5,000 minutes of non-mileage activity and you'll not only earn the super exclusive Run Local Triple Crown badge, but be in the running to win...


A Run Local Triple Crown Prize Package, including entry into our 2022 Santa Barbara Half as well as our 2023 San Jose & San Francisco races.

We also have three competitive categories with Top 3 winners per gender receiving a Run Local Prize package:


  • First: be the first to reach San Francisco  based on the Memorial Day start.
  • Fastest: reach SF the fastest based on # of days no matter what your start day is (not average pace per run)
  • Furthest: With the Endless Summer feature, you can keep logging your miles and competing in weekly challenges all Summer long! Who can log the most?

California Coast 500 medal and merchandise such as the official event shirt or purchased gear is estimated to be delivered at the end of August. Participant packages will be shipped prior to the Labor Day weekend ahead of the conclusion of this year's summer mileage challenge. 

Your age is calculated based on the last day of the 2021 California Challenge – September 6th. The age you are on September 6th will determine how your age is calculated.

Yes! A $30 International shipping & handling fee will apply to participants registering from outside of the United States. Make sure you select the international shipping option during registration.

Syncing Your Device

You will receive a detailed instructions email from Run Local beginning on Thursday, May 26 and thereafter shortly after you register. The email will provide a unique link to connect the event to your RunKeeper account. Race Roster has also the following article to help you along the way:

Great, then you're all set. Lookout for the instructions email from Run Local after you've registered so you can connect the California Coast 500 to your RunKeeper account.

You sure can.  Login in to your Race Roster participant event dashboard and you'll be able to edit activities.

You will be able to auto-sync the following activities outlined by category:

  • Run the One: Running, walking, hiking & elliptical
  • Ride the One: Road Biking, Mountain Biking, Wheelchair
  • Cross-Train the One: Everything else (only brings in minutes, not mileage for various activities)

Yup. You can choose to bring in your past activities beginning with Memorial Day when you sync to RunKeeper.

Manual Entry (Honor System) Submissions

To manually enter your activities you will login to your Race Roster account and through the event dashboard click on the "+Add activity" button. It will look something like this:

We ask that you keep the most important pieces of this event in mind: Community!

All manual submissions are completely on the honor system. Unrealistic results are often honest mistakes and can be corrected in the Results & Profile tool.

Questions? Email [email protected]

About Run Local & Contacting Us

The California Coast 500 is proud to support Steph & Ayesha Curry's Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation.

Learn more on our fundraising page.

Since 2012, Run Local has brought locally produced events to the San Francisco Bay Area celebrating its runners, artists, and the unique diversity of each region. The annual Bay Area series of events includes the San Jose Shamrock Run 5K & 10K (March), San Jose 8K & Half (April), Across the Bay 12K & 5K (August), the East Bay 510K – 5K & 10K (October) and the Santa Barbara Half Marathon (November).

For more information, visit and join us on social @RunLocalEvents.

Contact Run Local's customer support team at [email protected] Messages are typically responded to within 24 hours.